Who Are Sir Trill And Daliwonga, Are They Brothers? (Full Bio, Age, Net Worth)

Who Are Sir Trill And Daliwonga, Are They Brothers? (Full Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Real Name)

The emergence of the Amapiano genre has blessed South Africa with some of the most talented artists in the region. Two such artists are Sir Trill and Daliwonga. These two names have been on the lips of almost every true Amapiano fan because of their contribution to the genre. The question is are they, brothers? Find out the answer today.

Who Are Sir Trill And Daliwonga, Are They Brothers? (Full Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Real Name)


Full & real name Trillsa
Known stage name Sir Trill
Age 23-28
Date of birth 1994 to 1999
Net worth $4-5 million
Salary Not available
Place of birth Badplaas, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Nationality South African
Occupation Singer, songwriter, composer, producer
Height 5 Ft, 9 Inches
Relationship status Dating (Thulisile Ndima)
Parents (Father/Mother) Names unknown
Child/children No children
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) Daliwonga (Cousin)
Educational Qualification University of Johannesburg
Hairstyle Typically low cut
Social media Instagram (@sir_trillsa), Twitter (sir_trillsa)
Contact details Bookings (0764533727), WhatsApp (+27714307744)


Full & real name Daliwonga Matiwane
Known stage name Daliwonga
Age 28 years old
Date of birth 4th June 1994
Net worth $150,000 to $250,000
Salary Not Known
Place of birth Diepkloof, Soweto, South Africa
Nationality South African
Occupation Singer and Songwriter
Height 5’ 4’’
Relationship status In a relationship with Taryn Reid
Parents (Father/Mother) Not Known
Child/children No children
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) Cousin (Sir Trill)
Educational Qualification Not Known
Hairstyle Low cut
Social media Instagram (@daliwonga_sa.)
Contact details Bookings: Bookings@blaqboymuisc.com

+27 (83) 983-54 13

Sir Trill’s Bio

Sir Trill is a popular, yet mysterious singer, rapper, composer, and songwriter. Tales of his musical prowess spread home and abroad and yet, a lot about his personal life remains unknown to the general public. The little we do know about his family is that his father is a businessman while his mother is a housewife. He spent most of his childhood with his cousins in South Africa.

Of all the South African entertainers, Sir Trill is one of the most private. Trill has managed to keep his actual birthday and love life private. However, according to some reports, he is currently dating Thulisile Ndima. However, there has been recent drama around his love life. According to a blogger, Sir Trill has been allegedly dating Nkosazana Daughter. The news has shocked everyone, but it remains a rumour.

Daliwonga’s Bio

Daliwonga is a very successful Amapiano South African singer whose real name is Daliwonga Matiwane. He is a Soweto-born musician, who was given birth to on 4th June 1994. It may shock his fans to know that Daliwonga has an identical twin brother.

The South African amapiano artist comes from a family with other musicians (Sir Trill for example) so it’s no surprise that he established his career enough and excelled at it.

Are Sir Trill and Daliwonga brothers?

This question probably first dropped in the hearts of fans when in December 2021 when DJ Lamiez began to spur rumours that Sir Trill and Daliwonga were somehow related. A lot of people agreed that because of the resemblance and their closeness, they might indeed be related. However, it was later revealed that Daliwonga does have a twin brother and his name is Dalindyebo Matiwane.

People later discovered that Sir Trill and Daliwonga are just cousins. No, Sir Trill and Daliwonga are not brothers. However, they disclosed that they are cousins! So they are cousins, not brothers.

Sir Trill and Daliwonga’s new songs (collaborations)


On the tune of this song, you will hear the voices of Sir Trill, Daliwonga, DJ Maphorisa, and Visca. These artists collaborated to release a brand new hot Amapiano song. The song is from Sir Trill’s newly released album: ‘Ghost’. ‘Maboko’ was released on 4th November 2022.


Sir Trill and Daliwonga created magic again with the track ‘Nguwe’. The song is by Mas Musiq, but after featuring Sir Trill and Daliwonga, they stole the shine from other people who worked on the song. Coupled with the major League’s appearance, ‘Nguwe’ makes for a beautiful song to listen to.

Sir Trill and Daliwonga’s social media

You can follow Sir Trill on Instagram (@sir_trillsa) and Twitter (@sir_trillsa). You can also follow Daliwonga on Instagram (@daliwonga_sa.)

Sir Trill and Daliwonga’s Net Worth

According to recent estimates, According to recent estimates, Sir Trill is currently worth about $4 to 5 million. Meanwhile, Daliwonga is worth about $150,000 to $250,000.


1. Is Sir Trill a brother to Daliwonga?

No, they are not brothers, the two are cousins.

2.  Is Sir Trill in a relationship?

Sir Trill is in a relationship with Thulisile Ndima.

3. What genre of music does Daliwonga sing?

Daliwonga is an Amapiano artist.

4. How old is Daliwonga?

He was born on 4th June 1994. He is currently 28 years old (as of 2022).


Sir Trill and Daliwonga make a fantastic pair. They know how to work together to create music while still maintaining their independence. It’s always a pleasure to see when musical talent runs in a family and thrives too. In conclusion, if you’ve ever wondered if Daliwonga and Sir Trill are related, now you have your answer: yes, they are related. However, Sir Trill and Daliwonga are cousins and not brothers.

Who Are Sir Trill And Daliwonga, Are They Brothers? (Full Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Real Name)

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