Killer Kau Amapiano: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Songs and Albums

Killer Kau Amapiano: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Songs and Albums

Killer Kau might be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten. Known for his signature genres (Amapiano and House music), Killer Kau was quite popular before his death. If you’ve been looking for information on everything about Killer Kau including details like his age, cause of death, and even songs and albums, then read on.

Killer Kau Amapiano: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Songs and Albums

Full & real name Sakhile Hlatshwayo
Known stage name Killer Kau
Age 23 years old (1998-2021)
Date of birth 5th July 1998
Net worth $3-4 million
Salary Not Known
Place of birth Soweto, South Africa
Nationality South African
Occupation Rapper, Dancer, and Record Producer
Height 5’ 7”
Relationship status Girlfriend Olwethu Mkhwanazi (before he died)
Parents (Father/Mother) Killer Kau’s mother (dead)
Child/children No children
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) Sister (Moonie Rsa)
Educational Qualification High School Education at  Lavela Secondary School in Zola
Hairstyle low cut hair both black and coloured
Social media Instagram (@killerkau_rsa)
Contact details Not known

Killer Kau’s Bio

For someone who lived from 5th July 1998 to 9th August 2021, Killer Kau didn’t have a very long life, but he made an impact in his field.  The versatile rapper, dancer, and producer was born in Soweto and died in Rustenburg, South Africa.

Killer Kau’s foundation in music was based on his membership in his church choir where he sang Baritone. In addition to this, when he was still in Grade 11, he made a video singing his songs and as fate would have it, DJ Euphonik was interested in the raw talent that Killer Kau displayed. DJ Euphonik teamed up with Killer Kau, they created ‘Tholukuti Hey!’ The artist was once just a budding artist trying to pave his way and make his music heard. The rapper’s debut hit single “Tholukuthi Hey” became viral even when he had no label to back him up at the time.  However, he eventually got signed by Soweto Music and Entertainment Academy. After, he quickly became quite popular and celebrated in South Africa and beyond.

Unfortunately, his life ended tragically in a fatal car accident at Rustenburg, South Africa on his way to a gig.

How old is killer Kau?

He Killer Kau lived to be 23 years old. He died just a month after his birthday which is on the 5th of July.

Killer Kau’s new songs

·       ‘Amaneighbour’ (2021)

The song has a runtime of 5 minutes and 14 seconds. It is a song by Killer Kau and Mr. JazziQ featuring Reece Madlisa. The video was released on YouTube on 25th June 2021 and it currently has 10 MILLION views!

Other of his songs are:

  • ‘Assume
  • ’‘Kude’
  • ‘Banda Mpo’
  • ‘Umdantso’
  • ‘Koba’
  • ‘Ebondemi’
  • ‘Corona’

Killer Kau’s albums

·       ‘Game Changer’

‘Game changer’ was Killer Kau’s most recent album. He released it in 2020. The album is a compilation of 5 songs which are

  • ‘Kude’
  • ‘Banda Mpo’ featuring Kammu Dee
  • ‘Koba’ featuring G. Snap
  • ‘Ebondemi’ featuring Mark Khoza
  • ‘Corona’ featuring Focalistic

Killer Kau’s death

The artist died in a fatal car crash. He didn’t die alone as his best friend, Mpura, a popular South African artist also died with him. In addition, Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe, DJ Thando, and TD also died in the car crash. They were all on their way to a gig in Rustenburg, North West. The accident happened on 8th August 2022. It was a sad incident, moreover, it happened just a month after Killer Kau’s birthday.

Killer Kau’s social media

You can find them on Instagram (@killerkau_rsa) where he has about 394 thousand followers.

Killer Kau’s girlfriend

According to reports, Killer Kau was in a long-term and private relationship with his girlfriend Olwethu Mkhwanazi. Reports also have it that she was a couple of years older than Killer Kau, but apparently, that didn’t deter their relationship from blossoming Unfortunately, the relationship was cut short by his death.

Olwethu Mkhwanazi came out to grieve the death of her boyfriend and that was when people knew her identity. Although, people were not happy with the fact that she moved on to get married a year after his death.

Killer Kau’s net worth

Killer Kau’s net worth is reportedly estimated to be $3-4 million. We believe he would have been worth even more than that if he had lived longer.


1. Which record label was Killer Kau signed to?

He was signed to Soweto Music and Entertainment Academy

2. How did Killer Kau die?

The rapper lost his life on 8th July 2022 in a fatal car accident that claimed all the lives on board except one person.

3. When was Killer Kau buried?

He was buried on 15th August 2021, barely a week after he died.

4. Does Killer Kau have any children?

No, Killer Kau does not have any children.

5. Where was Killer Kau laid to rest?

Killer Kau was buried in his hometown.


In conclusion, Killer Kau was undeniably a force in the Amapiano scene and his work will forever be remembered. Even two years after his death, we still remember and appreciate his contribution to South African music.

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