Kabza De Small: Top Amapiano Songs & New Albums

Kabza De Small: Top Amapiano Songs & New Albums

Kabza De Small: Top Amapiano Songs & New Albums

Kabza de small is a South African superstar that is also known as the “King of Amapiano” check out some of his top Amapiano songs and albums.

Kabza De Small Biography

He is popularly known by his performing name goes by the name “Kabelo Petrus Motha” He was born on 27 November 1992 and raised in Mpumalanga, South Africa. He is a professional South African DJ and record producer. His major figure is in the amapiano genre, and house music. Aside from his solo career, Kabza de Small is a member of the Scorpion Kings. He gained international recognition after the release of his hit song “Umshove”, in 2018.

Kabza De Small has been very consistent in his musical career and has released a lot of hit songs every year.  Here are some of its top Amapiano songs

  • Abalele

Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa collaborate with South African musician “Ami Faku” in 2021 to deliver a nice hit song titled “Abalele.” This duo has established itself as the forefront leader of Amapiano in South Africa over the years.

  • Makubenjalo

Kabza De Small teamed up with Nia Pearl to release another magnificent song titled “Makubenjalo” to which he did have a contribution from “Stakev” in the song.

  • Ngiyesaba

Kabza De Small featured “Nkosazana Daughter” on his new song titled “Ngiyesaba”. The South African star Nkosazana gave a huge contribution to the song with her amazing vocals. The song has been a hit since it releases.

  • Ngiyak Thanda

Kabza De Small featured another talented South African star gIrl “Nicole Elocin”. She was great with her vocals and the song has been trending on radio airwaves in South Africa. It has been loved by the audience and fans as well.

  • Inhliziyo

Kabza De Small ft Murumba Pitch for her contribution to his song titled “Inhliziyo”. The song has been a hit, tending love by the people. The fans always vibe to his song and it also uses at parties. This song has earned a spot as one of the top 10 songs of Kabza De Small and can’t be excluded.

  • Ordinary Love

Kabza De Small & Dj Maphorisa are known for their incredible songs when they team up together. They had a contribution from “Sha Sha” on this one and released a hit song titled “Ordinary Love”. The song shows how good they were.

  • Konka

The king of Amapiano (Kabza De Small) didn’t hold back on this one as released a new song titled “Konka”. He went as far as joining forces with some great South African music like “Nkulee501 & Skroef28” the song has been a big hit track since it was released.

  • Umtheto

Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa are known as the best duo in South Africa. They show the world what they know how to do best by teaming up and also featured another South African star “Nia Pearl & Daliwonga” on his hit song “Umtheto”. The song had been the talk of the town and has its trend over South Africa.

  • Maboko

Kabza De Small went as far as featuring “Sir Trill”  on his song “Maboko” The song has been trending since it releases in January and still trending up till now. It showed how hardworking he was on the song.

  • Asinavalo

Kabza De Small teamed up with the South African astonishing songstress “Ami Faku” to work diligently on this song titled “Asinavalo”. They both put great effort into the song as it was a big hit song in South Africa.

  • Ama meter

Kabza featured a talented South African star “Simmy” in his song titled “Ama meter”. The song has been trending since its release in January till now.


The South African star Kabza De Small (King of Amapiano) has been very hardworking over the years. He has released a lot of hit albums like “Scorpion king, I am the king of Amapiano: Sweet and Dust, piano Hub, Rumble in the Jungle, and Pretty Girls love Amapiano.” kabza new albums these 2022 are;

  • Ziwangale EP

Kabza De Small came through with an EP (Extended Play) album titled “Ziwangale” which was released on 22 April 2022. The album houses four(4) tracks. Their songs are “Ziwa Ngale, Ebusuku, Kabza, and Mak’shoni Langa). They were all hit songs but “Ebusuku” was rated higher than the others.

  • KOA II Part 1:

Kabza De small Came through with another album titled “KOA II part 1. The Album was released on 16 June 2022. It is a continuation of his 2019 hit album “I AM the King of AMAPIANO: Sweet & Dust”. The album is a collection of dongs previously showcased during his performance and also teased on social media. The amapiano star featured different talents in his album including “ Ami Faku, Mhad Keyz, and Nkosazana Daughter” and each of them added different colours to the album.

The album is Two hours duration. It houses 18 songs like “Bathini, Azkhale, sondela, Isoka, khusela, ingabe,fekere 2, Ngyamthanda, Ubumnandi, Xola, Skeem Saam, Bawo, Mutserendende, Mshini, Bayasaba, Khulumu, Liyangishonela, and Eningi). The album has been on hit as some of the songs under it were top of the hit songs on South African airwaves.


The South African star “Kabza De Small” teamed up with ‘Kwesta to release another exciting album titled “Speak N Vrostaan”. the album is scheduled originally to be released on 2nd December 2022, but a pre-release of the album is released. The album houses 10 songs. These songs include “Abu Dhabi, Huzet, Is’pantsula, Emathandweni, Golokoqo, Umbono, Umngani, Sghubhu, One on One, and Mrholo wayizolo).


Kabza De Small has been on hit over the past 2 years and he is continuing to go forward. Everyone is anticipating his new album to be released in December. Don’t miss out on the.

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