JFS Music (Theology HD) Amapiano, Bio, Age, New Songs and Albums

JFS Music (Theology HD) Amapiano, Bio, Age, New Songs and Albums

Find out the real name and age of JFS Music the musician. Learn more about this South African star. Learn about his biography, net worth in 2022, height, social media, relationship status, career, etc.


JFS Music is a songwriter and music artist. Although he is largely underrated in the South African music industry, he still has a fair number of 26.8 thousand monthly listeners. These fans are mostly drawn to JFS Music’s unique way of singing Amapiano and his aura in general.

JFS Music (Theology HD) Amapiano, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, New Songs and Albums

Full & real name Not Known
Known stage name JFS Music
Age 25 to 30 years old (estimate)
Date of birth 1997 and 1992 (estimate)
Net worth $100,000
Salary Not Known
Place of birth South African
Nationality South African
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, and Disc Jockey
Height Not Known
Relationship status Not Known
Parents (Father/Mother) Not Known
Child/children No children
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) Not Known
Educational Qualification Not Known
Hairstyle Low cut hair
Social media Not Known
Contact details Not Known

JFS Music (Theology HD)’s Bio

JFS Music is a South African music artist, singer, songwriter, and disc jockey. He is a talented entertainer who knows his onions especially when it comes to the Amapiano genre. JFS’ songs are typically in the Amapiano genre and he seems to be doing very well with it.

His full name is not known and we also do not have any idea how he came about the stage name JFS Music. In fact, this remains a mystery up till now. JFS Music’s name is not the only thing that his fans do not know about him. Since he is not open about his private life, we are also unsure about his childhood, age, and relationship status. However, we will keep you updated with the basic information about this mysterious singer.

How old is JFS Music (Theology HD)?

JFS Music has chosen to keep his age private. However, we estimate that he was born between 1997 and 1992. This means according to speculations, JFS Music is about 25 to 30 years old.

JFS Music (Theology HD)’s new songs

·       Dry wave

On the waves of this song, you’ll hear JFS as he features Soa Mattrix and King Tone. The three artists have previously worked on a song titled ‘Uthando’. Soa Mattrix in particular is no stranger to collaborations with JFS music as the pair had already worked on another song called ‘Daytime’.

Dry wave is proudly an Amapiano song that the Yanos lovers out there will most likely appreciate. From reports online, the song had been trending for about a month before its official release. The song displays a fantastic rhythm and beat. The official audio for the song has been posted on several YouTube channels since March 2022.

·       Daytime

Daytime is a tune by Emotion DJ and Soa Mattrix. In the song, they featured JFS music. The video was uploaded on YouTube on 21st July 2022 and it currently has 8,452 videos. The song lasts for a little over 7 minutes and every second is worth it.

JFS Music (Theology HD)’s albums

The artist does not have any official album or EP at the moment.

JFS Music (Theology HD)’s social media

The singer is not active on social media. He is not popular on major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube.

JFS Music (Theology HD)’s girlfriend

JFS Music keeps most of his life private and out of the glaring eyes of social media and fans. Regarding his relationship status, the artist has been quite silent. He has never officially come out to declare if he is in a relationship or not, hence, we cannot say for sure if he is dating anybody or not. If indeed he is in a relationship, we have no idea who he is girlfriend or wife is until he comes out to say who.

JFS Music (Theology HD)’s net worth

JFS Music’s net worth has not been officially calculated by the relevant authorities. However, he should be worth about $100,000.


1. How much is JFS Music worth?

JFS Music is worth about $100,000.

2. Is JFS Music in a relationship?

He has not officially told his fans whether he is dating anybody or not.

3. What is JFS Music’s real name?

The singer has not revealed his real name to the general public. For now, we only know that his stage name is JFS Music.

4. Where is JFS Music from?

The artist is from South Africa.

5. What else does JFS Music do apart from singing?

Apart from being a singer, he is also a songwriter and Disc Jockey.


In my opinion, JFS music is a very underrated artist and I believe with the amount of work he’s putting in, he probably deserves more accolades. In conclusion, you should check out his newest songs and even some of the old ones too to support this promising artist.

JFS Music (Theology HD) Amapiano, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, New Songs and Albums

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